Newmafruit’s 40% Productivity Increase

Case study shows Electrocoup pruning shear increases orchard productivity by 40%


“Productivity has increased dramatically, in excess of 40% which far outweighs the initial costs.” — Tim Hall, Newmafruit.

Newmafruit has aprox. 320,000 trees to prune and buying each person with a set of Electrocoup shears would have meant getting more than 20 sets! Read the Newmafruit Case Study to see how the shears paid for themselves in the first 12 months!

Increasing Production & Client Satisfaction

Recently a successful South Carolina landscape company was featured in a landscaping magazine. An interview with the COO to uncover their secret to success unveiled that among other things they have switched to all battery-powered, hand-held tools for their high-end resort and property owner’s association clients. Here are a few telling quotes from the issue:

“The clients love the fact that it’s not as noisy, that’s a big plus and a sales tool.”

“Our guys like it because it’s actually less taxing. It’s a slightly lighter piece of equipment because the battery is on your back, so you’re holding a lighter piece of equipment when you’re doing the work.”

“We’ve found that we’ve increased production and client satisfaction by going to those.”

“And you save gas, battery charge is a whole lot cheaper than buying fuel for your equipment.”

Watch Infaco’s line of battery-powered, hand-held tools for landscapers in action:

Addressing America’s Labor Crisis

As the minimum wage goes up and labor supply goes down, we hope farmers will begin to use labor-saving tools like electric shears. This short video shows how even just partial mechanization can increase productivity while also improving working conditions in these tough times.

Nursery Increases Production by 30%

Cherrylake Nursery, an ornamental tree farm in Florida, has 30-40 workers who do pruning. Here, they explain the benefits they’ve seen: 30% productivity increase, less repetitive motion stress on employees, and cleaner cuts.

F3015: Faster, More Powerful

John Nasgovitz, a cherry grower in Montana purchased the F3010 when he realized that pain related to pruning was impacting his work quality. Recently he needed to add a second shear into the mix and his wife encouraged him to get the latest model – the F3015. John describes the amazing difference he’s experienced.

Christmas Tree Pruning

Chuck Parker of Cornerstone Pines shows us how to use the F3015 Electrocoup to quickly prune Christmas trees to improve productivity and eliminate repetitive motion injuries. Infaco clients notice a minimum 25% increase in productivity and an immediate drop-off in carpal tunnel related symptoms. Demonstrated: basal pruning on Meyer Spruce, White Pine pruning, and pruning off competitive leaders on Frasiers.

Want more? Check out this video with a hazelnut farmer who does all her own pruning and suckering even after double carpal tunnel surgery thanks to Infaco’s Electrocoup shear.


Entrevista con un equipo de la poda

Esta entrevista es con un equipo local que posee la poda 2 tijeras de Electrocoup y cuando se detuvieron en su mantenimiento anual de este año, nos preguntamos si iban a compartir su experiencia con ustedes. Estas dos personas son parte de una familia más grande que todo el trabajo como un equipo con las tijeras Electrocoup cerca de las montañas de la Sierra.

This interview is with a local pruning team that owns 2 Electrocoup shears and when they stopped in for their Annual Maintenance this year, we asked if they would share their experience with you. These two people are part of a larger family that all work as a crew all with Electrocoup shears in the Sierra foot hills. [Subtitles in English provided]

Removing Diseased Vines

I love this method because I don’t have to bend down and kill my back. Plus I can get the work done quickly without needing a tractor.

Q: What kind of diameter were you cutting in the video?
A: Between 1 and 2 inches but some larger like 2.5-3″.  There is a cool technique I learned on how to cut large material with the medium head by rotating the tool in the same direction that the cutting blade is moving in while the blade is closing.

Q: What is the purpose of cutting down those trunks?
A: Those vines are infected with Phylloxera because they are not grafted, so I am removing them for replanting in 2017.

Q: What kind of vineyards do that kind of work?
A: Any vineyard or other operation requiring removal of the plant at soil level could use our tool for that purpose.  Using the Electrocoup pruner is better than a saw because any small amount of soil will destroy a chain saw in seconds and reciprocating saws dull faster also.

Any type of systemic disease could require this type of work.  There are many disease that infect vineyards and require removal of vines, Pearces Disease, Phylloxera infestation, Red Blotch….long list not to mention Eutypa, Crown Gall, black gooo…

Q: How is the work usually done?
A: Sometimes the vines are cut to 18″ tall and pulled up with a chain attached to a tractor.  I will be cutting as low as possible and then using a tillage machine to chop up and release the roots and below ground stump.

Q: Is there a certain time of year that this work is usually done?
A: Could be anytime of year but preferably after harvest and before budbreak, during the dormant season.

Q: Who’s your amazing cinematographer?
A: My son shot this at the Dog and Oyster

Hazelnut Grower Doubles Efficiency

Pruning with manual shears and loppers really took a toll on Phyllis Morris’s hands, wrists, and arms. In 2007 (after double-carpal tunnel surgery) she made the switch to Infaco’s incredibly light and powerful Electrocoup shear. Since then Phyllis has seen her own efficiency double and has seen so many other benefits too. We’re so proud to be able to help people like Phyllis keep doing what they love to do!

To see Phyllis in action, check out how she does her suckering and summer pruning in this follow-up video.

Fast and comfortable vineyard suckering

Listen to the owner of DeRose Vineyard explain how they use Infaco’s Electrocoup F3010 and the EPAv2 desuckering tools to increase productivity and worker comfort and safety.

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