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Vineyard Tying with the A3M

Infaco's A3M electronic tying machine

Infaco’s vineyard tying machine – the A3M – makes vine tying easy. For single or double “Guyot” (cane) training, this machine is highly versatile. A soft steel wire is used for greater flexibility.  It’s strong enough to hold until harvesting and it self-destructs easily after a year, at pruning time.

Here, one of our clients is using our electric tying machine to attach vines to their overhead trellis system.

More info about the A3M…

Maple Vineyards Testimonial

We have been personally pruning 25 acres of head-trained, spur-pruned zinfandel vines with battery-power shears since 1993.  We currently have 4 sets of Electrocoup shears from that are indispensable to our continued operation.  We have used or tried both the Felcotronic and Pellenc brands in past years and find the Electrocoup far superior in performance and ease of handling.  Of particular importance to us is the recent opening of an INFACO sales and service facility in Northern CA, and of the availability of numerous other implements that work off the same battery packs (we are buying a reciprocating saw and a hedger).  Very highly recommended!

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.22.03 AM

— Tom & Tina Maple, Maple Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA

Cleaning up Palm Trees

Take a look at this video of one of our clients using Infaco’s power saw to clean up the trunk of this palm tree. Since the head of Infaco’s power saw is small, he was able to get close to the trunk and do precise work to create a polished look.  As you can see with the high quality cuts, it’s easy to get this polished look and reduce the likelihood of the palm tree getting infected.  With a chain saw it’s not possible to cut each piece without accidentally cutting nearby pieces.  Don’t let the small blade head fool you – as you can see, the saw’s powerful Japanese blade is capable of cutting through these large pieces very quickly. This was his first time using our power saw and we were impressed at how fast he was moving!

More info about the Powercoup …

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