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Removing Diseased Vines

I love this method because I don’t have to bend down and kill my back. Plus I can get the work done quickly without needing a tractor.

Q: What kind of diameter were you cutting in the video?
A: Between 1 and 2 inches but some larger like 2.5-3″.  There is a cool technique I learned on how to cut large material with the medium head by rotating the tool in the same direction that the cutting blade is moving in while the blade is closing.

Q: What is the purpose of cutting down those trunks?
A: Those vines are infected with Phylloxera because they are not grafted, so I am removing them for replanting in 2017.

Q: What kind of vineyards do that kind of work?
A: Any vineyard or other operation requiring removal of the plant at soil level could use our tool for that purpose.  Using the Electrocoup pruner is better than a saw because any small amount of soil will destroy a chain saw in seconds and reciprocating saws dull faster also.

Any type of systemic disease could require this type of work.  There are many disease that infect vineyards and require removal of vines, Pearces Disease, Phylloxera infestation, Red Blotch….long list not to mention Eutypa, Crown Gall, black gooo…

Q: How is the work usually done?
A: Sometimes the vines are cut to 18″ tall and pulled up with a chain attached to a tractor.  I will be cutting as low as possible and then using a tillage machine to chop up and release the roots and below ground stump.

Q: Is there a certain time of year that this work is usually done?
A: Could be anytime of year but preferably after harvest and before budbreak, during the dormant season.

Q: Who’s your amazing cinematographer?
A: My son shot this at the Dog and Oyster

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