About us

INFACO SAS France invented the concept of battery-operated pruning shears back in 1984 and is today the world leader in its field.

Today the company is still operated as a family business and offers a full range of battery-operated professional tools including:

  • Electrocoup: Battery-operated pruning shear
  • Powercoup: Battery-operated saw, de-suckering and hedge-trimmer tool
  • Electro’liv: Battery-operated olive harvester
  • A3M: Battery-operated tying device

Visit our website and online store.

2 responses to “About us”

  1. Jack Emerson says :

    Wondering if you have a electric pruners which can also double as a hand sprayer for wound applications of fungicide, pruning sealant etc. ?


    • admin605 says :

      Hi Jack,

      Sorry but our pruners do not double as a hand sprayer. However the shears are totally waterproof so many clients have a small bucket that they dip the shears into between trees (to sterilize them if they know that some trees may be infected with a trunk disease for instance). I wonder if something similar could work for your needs?

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