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How to Calculate Vineyard ROI

In this third installment of our ROI series, you’ll see how we calculate Return on Investment for Infaco’s line of time-saving, productivity-boosting tools. You’ll see step-by step, how we use Excel to show how less fatigue leads to greater productivity.

Gaining Worker Acceptance: Mechanizing a Vineyard

Sadie Drury of Seven Hills Vineyards shares her experience mechanizing to reduce labor costs, tips on winning buy-in from the crew, and beating the labor crisis.

Labor Crisis Update: New Research Study

In this exclusive webinar, Infaco USA brings you recognized labor supply expert Zach Rutledge from UC Davis. His recent 2019 research received nation-wide coverage and revealed the true magnitude of America’s labor crisis. Since then, he’s also released a new article highlighting the findings (less than 4 pages) that we highly recommend!


Entrevista con un equipo de la poda

Esta entrevista es con un equipo local que posee la poda 2 tijeras de Electrocoup y cuando se detuvieron en su mantenimiento anual de este año, nos preguntamos si iban a compartir su experiencia con ustedes. Estas dos personas son parte de una familia más grande que todo el trabajo como un equipo con las tijeras Electrocoup cerca de las montañas de la Sierra.

This interview is with a local pruning team that owns 2 Electrocoup shears and when they stopped in for their Annual Maintenance this year, we asked if they would share their experience with you. These two people are part of a larger family that all work as a crew all with Electrocoup shears in the Sierra foot hills. [Subtitles in English provided]

Removing Diseased Vines

I love this method because I don’t have to bend down and kill my back. Plus I can get the work done quickly without needing a tractor.

Q: What kind of diameter were you cutting in the video?
A: Between 1 and 2 inches but some larger like 2.5-3″.  There is a cool technique I learned on how to cut large material with the medium head by rotating the tool in the same direction that the cutting blade is moving in while the blade is closing.

Q: What is the purpose of cutting down those trunks?
A: Those vines are infected with Phylloxera because they are not grafted, so I am removing them for replanting in 2017.

Q: What kind of vineyards do that kind of work?
A: Any vineyard or other operation requiring removal of the plant at soil level could use our tool for that purpose.  Using the Electrocoup pruner is better than a saw because any small amount of soil will destroy a chain saw in seconds and reciprocating saws dull faster also.

Any type of systemic disease could require this type of work.  There are many disease that infect vineyards and require removal of vines, Pearces Disease, Phylloxera infestation, Red Blotch….long list not to mention Eutypa, Crown Gall, black gooo…

Q: How is the work usually done?
A: Sometimes the vines are cut to 18″ tall and pulled up with a chain attached to a tractor.  I will be cutting as low as possible and then using a tillage machine to chop up and release the roots and below ground stump.

Q: Is there a certain time of year that this work is usually done?
A: Could be anytime of year but preferably after harvest and before budbreak, during the dormant season.

Q: Who’s your amazing cinematographer?
A: My son shot this at the Dog and Oyster

Fast and comfortable vineyard suckering

Listen to the owner of DeRose Vineyard explain how they use Infaco’s Electrocoup F3010 and the EPAv2 desuckering tools to increase productivity and worker comfort and safety.

Larry Smyth of Carriage Vineyards

Why does Larry Smyth of Carriage Vineyards like his F3010 Electrocoup pruning shear? Maybe it’s the 20% increase in productivity and less wasted time re-training crews….!

Richard Sauret Vineyards

Richard Sauret explains how the Electrocoup F3010 with DSES safety system saves him time and helps make more cuts possible while pruning his 13,000 vines alone.

Matt Phillips Cuts Labor and Litter

The owner of North Coast Vineyard Services speaks about how much the A3M v2 tying machine cuts labor cost whilst keeping vineyards free of green tape.

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