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Cherry Pruning at The Dalles

Oregon State University’s (OSU) Wasco extension ran a program on December 11th.  Take a look at our photos at Wade & Rufener orchards where hosts Delfino Montpiel and Tim Dahl use our Electrocoup and Powercoup while showing the crowd how to renovate and convert an old open vase Bing/Mazzard orchard to a steep leader.  A […]

Cleaning up Palm Trees

Take a look at this video of one of our clients using Infaco’s power saw to clean up the trunk of this palm tree. Since the head of Infaco’s power saw is small, he was able to get close to the trunk and do precise work to create a polished look.  As you can see with the high quality cuts, it’s easy to get this polished look and reduce the likelihood of the palm tree getting infected.  With a chain saw it’s not possible to cut each piece without accidentally cutting nearby pieces.  Don’t let the small blade head fool you – as you can see, the saw’s powerful Japanese blade is capable of cutting through these large pieces very quickly. This was his first time using our power saw and we were impressed at how fast he was moving!

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